“Mystery! Intrigue! Fights! Mimes!”

Writing out of character once again to share the poster for the play that’s been occupying much of my attention lately.


“You are, after all, fictional”

Breaking character once again to post a video of a short play I co-wrote a year ago. The event was Blitz Smackdown, where plays are written overnight and performed that evening. A full account is here.

The play is a comic choose your own adventure mystery, and the reason I’m posting it now is that an expanded version (one that also replaces the detecting duo in the original with characters that are less familiar and less trademarked) will be produced by Mercury Players Theater, opening September 9 in Madison, Wisconsin. Auditions are June 27 and June 29.

The video was recorded by my dad using his photo camera while seated in the audience, which is why it has such a “spontaneous” feel.

A message from the creator

Greetings, Detling Adventures readers. The author here, breaking character. A year ago, during a trip to Australia, I wrote much of the outline for the first story arc published here. I have now provided annotations for that series of posts, revealing the sources for characters, situations, and some of the quotes.

Next month I plan to post a new adventure around the time of Mother’s Day.

Annotations 1 (PDF)

Annotations 1 (MS Word)