The next hunt

I got a call from Astrid explaining the hunt Ingrid was referring to in her comment on Tuesday (the story of the first hunt I went on with the two sisters begins here). Ella isn’t going to be able to make this one but Pike will be going and so will I.

Astrid informed me that over the last two weeks, deer carcasses had been discovered in the woods northeast of town with smashed skulls and wounds that didn’t resemble those that would be caused by known predators. The most bizarre aspect of the attacks was the absence of the deer’s brains. A close second was the bite marks, which looked like they were caused by an animal that attacked only with its lower jaw.

The carcasses were found in a roughly circular pattern, and during a daytime investigation Astrid and Ingrid discovered an abandoned farm at the center of the pattern. The plan is to station ourselves at the farmhouse at sunset and observe the area, and perhaps “take action,” as Astrid said.


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