Miriam revealed

So there I was, flat on my back and looking up at a petite sorceress who had just saved my life in a way that no surgeon could have. I felt like I had just woken up from a deep sleep but had no other symptoms otherwise.

The three of us had a bunch of questions for Miriam. I don’t want to devote this post to the secret history of the practice of magic in the Midwest but I’ll share some of the more interesting information.

No, she can’t raise the dead: apparently my condition was only mostly dead. Nonetheless, if she had gotten to me just a minute later, I wouldn’t have had a chance. The object Ella had hit the frog with was a staff that Miriam had enchanted.

No, Miriam can’t transform into an animal. And she was “home schooled” in magic, so she didn’t go to the Wisconsin version of Hogwarts.

Ingrid asked if Miriam could fly, like Glinda the Good Witch, and her response was that “it’s more levitating than flying.” Ingrid got pretty excited about that and asked for a demonstration, but Miriam said she didn’t think she could do it at that moment. “I get too embarrassed when I’m in front of people!” said Miriam, blushing. Finally, Miriam agreed to raise herself a couple of inches.

I wanted to know if Annabelle had the kind of talents that Miriam did. “Oh my gosh! Remember that day you first met us? She was floating when you came into the store!” I just checked the post on that meeting and saw what must have been Miriam’s reaction to seeing Annabelle showing off. And I wonder now about that flying woman Annabelle was drawing. I asked Miriam if her husband was a spell caster too. “Oh no, he’s more of a computer geek.”

After we were done with our questions Miriam looked at the floor and sighed, saying that she was going to have a hard time getting the blood out of the carpet. That surprised me and I asked if she could just use her magic to get the stains out. She was amused by that idea. “Geez you guys, I’m not a miracle worker!” she laughed. She did say that she knows someone who’s good with potions, who might have some ideas.

Next post: A return to the present!


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