Meeting Ella

Today I went to the new bookstore, which is called the Bookmark. There I met the employee Mom talked about, whose name is Ella. She had black clothes, long black hair, and a light complexion, which is all you need in order to be considered a goth by Detling standards. She’s around my age, has a slight figure and can’t be a more than a couple of inches over 5 feet, but has an assertive mouth and chin that commands attention. When I introduced myself I mentioned my mom, which got instant recognition. “You’ve been living in Madison, right?” Ella asked.

I got some of Ella’s biography. Her family’s from Michigan but she got an undergraduate degree from a place in Massachusetts. She’s now a student at the local university and studying folklore: the university library apparently has a larger collection of rare books than I would have guessed. Ella was especially excited about the only Norwegian language version of something called Cult Degool. She’s also thinks she may have a chance to meet Ted Spindle, a writer who supposedly has a home outside Detling (I’ll do a separate post on him in case you haven’t heard of him).

I wouldn’t go as far to say that we hit it off but she was pleasant enough and pretty easy on the eyes, so I can see why my mom talked her up. Ella also has the most expressive pair of eyebrows I’ve ever seen. They’re long and thin and have a surprising range of motion; it’s like she has extra muscles under her forehead or something.

Ella told me that the Bookmark will start serving coffee in a couple of days. I don’t drink coffee but I’ll probably come back for that, in case they have other options. As I was leaving I noticed that Ella was wearing an ankh necklace. So – an extreme goth.