Back to Detling

The story of my leaving Madison, Wisconsin is moderately interesting, but not one I’m planning to relate anytime soon. The point of this blog is to describe experiences moving back to my hometown of Detling, Wisconsin. In the Encyclopedia Brown books, the first story would always give a set of stats about Idaville (a synagogue, two delicatessens, etc.), and I’ll provide that for Detling.

There are about ten thousand people, a bunch of bars, a small movie theater, and a coffee house that’s in an actual house. Detling’s less than an hour away from the Twin Cities and there’s a university here, but also a pretty strong rural character – there’s hills and woods ten minutes in any direction and the opening of deer season was a valid reason for kids to miss school. But it’s not a “ya hey dere” kind of stereotype, either: there’s a community theatre group and even karate training through a University extension course, so I’ll be able to keep up with that.

I’ve come here lots of times for visits but it living here full time is going to be different. My parents still live here, though, and so do a few people I knew in high school. It’s going to be a while since I need to think about getting a steady paycheck so I’ll have time for exploring and other diversions.

A bookstore on Main Street opened since I was here last. My mom’s been there a couple times and was pretty enthusiastic about it, and urged me to check it out. It’s an independently-owned store but my mom hasn’t met the owner yet. She spoke well of the one employee she’s seen there, though she said “she’s kind of a…you know…goth.” We’ll see.